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Friends of Sparsh

Our first collaboration was with Friends of Sparsh, an amazing non-profit organization that provides meals and housing for those who need it. In addition to this, Friends of Sparsh supports several organizations around the community, including Project PLASE, another non-profit we support.

Additionally, on 09/08/2021, 2K Coding was able to make a generous donation of microwaves and high-quality headphones to homeless shelters residents at Friends of Sparsh. 2k Coding was also able to donate 1,100 dollars to sponsor the food pantry for a month. We are so grateful to continue working with Friends of Sparsh and are excited to donate more! 

Project PLASE

This year we had the pleasure to meet with project PLASE, a non-profit organization that supports Maryland residents in need of food, housing, and financial support. We donated our proceeds from our second summer session and were able to tour their facilities. Our donations directly contributed to paying rent, supporting the food pantry, and other needs at Project PLASE. We enjoyed working with this amazing organization and helping Maryland residents.

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Columbia Community Care

We had an amazing meeting with Columbia Community Care, a grassroots organization based in Howard County, MD. They are dedicated to providing meals to people in need. Along with giving a generous donation, we discussed and planned future collaboration projects. We are glad we were able to help make a difference in the community by supporting Columbia Community Care.

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